First Half of 2019!

This year has flown by already, so I thought it was time for a little update. This website has been rather quiet, but not because I haven't been making music. I have needed time to process all that has happened since everything changed so drastically when I took a plunge into a different life. I have been thinking about how to translate this into new music for this solo project. And I have taken my time, against every fiber in me screaming I should be doing this and that and moving fast etc. I am learning to take steps but also to do what feels right deep inside. And now, I am slowly writing songs for "Elisabeth Daniel" again.

This picture was taken at the Brussels Folk Club in March, where the lovely Daithi Rua accompanied me on one of my songs.

However, I haven't been sitting still. I did do a few Elisabeth Daniel gigs in Belgium and loved it! Hanne Vanhyfte, a very talented friend of mine, and I decided to keep each other accountable in terms of writing, so we met up regularly to work on each other's songs. Folkert and I did a few gigs with Prospectif and are working on new tracks. We are making plans for some next steps, so you will hear more of us later this year.

Photo credit: Ruben Parthoens Photography

I freelanced for my friend's company, and I did some translation work, which I really enjoyed. After a networking event in Ghent, I was also in a one off band with 2 other lovely guys. We co-wrote two songs in Dutch, which we performed after 1,5 rehearsal/writing session. It was a really fun challenge! I was still active once a week with Cherut as part of the street work team, except for a break I took in May.

This was in Cafe de Loge with Arjan Sohier and Andreas Schepens for Lokale Helden as one of the new blend bands, De Reserve.

Because May was busy! After meeting each other last year during De Wilde Deerne, Toos Ligtenberg and I wanted to create a storytelling show together, which we ended up doing together with Reinder van Raalte, a fantastic musician, who was also in De Wilde Deerne. They were an absolute pleasure and honor to work with and I can't wait to do it all again. We played "De Neuzin" at Festival Zwolle Unlimited. We will continue to finetune it and then hopefully play it in other places. And once again, we made songs in Dutch.

I was also asked to tell a story at Festival Zwolle Unlimited together with the Libero Strijkorkest. It was a new experience for all of us, but we managed to present something fun after a very brief preparation time. And we just clicked. So if we could pull this off after 1 rehearsal together, what if we could have more time and do more? Well, we are figuring that out now!

Libero Strijkorkest and I playing Rübezahl

There are some other plans brewing, which I will communicate once they are ready to be shared. Life has been pretty intense, with real highs shared with fantastic friends, old and new, and real lows. But what a gift it is to be alive to experience it all and to glean wisdom from the days lived.

I wish you all a fun, rejuvenating, joyful and warm summer! Next time you can see me play as Elisabeth Daniel is in Gent on 28 August at Cafe de Loge, and with Prospectif at U-Nite Festival in Sint-Joris-Weert (near Leuven) on 23 August. If you are around, I hope to see you there!

With much love and gratitude to those who follow this journey!


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