December Update

It has been rather quiet on this website, but not because nothing has been happening! I am quite grateful and excited to share with you what I will be doing this month and what I have been working on.

First of all, this weekend, Folkert Brands and I will be releasing our first single with our new music project, called Prospectif! It is ambient triphop for lovers of Massive Attack and Moderat. Folkert creates tracks and I write lyrics and melody. And on 9 December, we will be performing at Muziek bij de Buren in Zwolle, a lovely living room festival. We will also perform at the afterparty in Hedon Zwolle. For more info, click here. If you would like to follow this project, you can find us on social media by just going to our website from where you will be re-directed.

The artwork for this was done by An-Yi Van de Hoek and completed by Carlos Torres Serrano from Hoofdcwartier.

I am writing new music for Elisabeth Daniel, so that one has not stopped. No worries!

Then another event that I am quite excited about, is the "Women in Gold" event on 14 December. It marks Koffieklap's 5th anniversary celebration, where Anke Lenaerts and I will be taking care of the arty part of the evening. She will be presenting her beautiful art book "Women in Gold" and tell some of the stories in the book, and Hanne Vanhyfte and I will be playing some of my songs in between and I will be telling some stories, too. Anke and I met each other again after many years at Koffieklap, so this is special to both of us. And we will donate some of the proceeds to Cherut.

Last, but not least, I will be part of the Wereldberoemde Verhalenfestival in Zwolle from 21-23 December.

I will be a part of the Toeval of Lot Route, in which I will be telling the story of Esther. You can buy tickets to the festival here. It is exciting to be given the opportunity to do something new, and I am so grateful to be coached by Elout Hol from Theater Gnaffel.

Here is the promo pic Madelinde Gerrets made:

There! I hope to see you at one or more of these events. :)

In the meantime, I wish you happy Sinterklaas and fun Christmas preparations!

Much love xx

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