2 Years

On June 3rd, I celebrated the 2nd anniversary of the release of my debut EP, "I Come to You". In that week, my Elisabeth Daniel Facebook page also hit the little milestone of 500 likes. Let me take the opportunity to express how truly grateful I am to all those who have supported me on this journey so far. Let me be a little more vulnerable than I am used to being on this platform... To tell the world about 500 Facebook likes makes me cringe a little bit, because it feels like I am bragging, and also because I feel like that is not really a lot in two years' time. Both are nonsense, and I am going to celebrate and be grateful for each of these 500 individuals!

Lately, people have been telling me: "It looks like you're doing more gigs, like things are going well for you." And while that is true and there is definitely growth, for which I am incredibly grateful, social media only paints a part of the picture and doesn't show the moments of doubt, insecurity, fear and the moments in which I wonder how on earth I am ever going to make a decent living doing this. Then I look in the mirror and tell myself to stop being afraid, to keep going as long as I believe that that is the right choice, and then I trust that things will work out, as they have so far. People's love, hospitality and generosity have made it possible for me to keep going and growing. Let me tell you that my life isn't just glamorous, though. To quote my retired neighbor who keeps an eye on me even through our curtains: "She doesn't do anything; she just sits at her computer all day." Yup. When I am in the Netherlands, I usually sleep on an air mattress in a friend's company, where I make sure to be out of the shower before the interns walk in, or I crash with a friend. But let me tell you that I actually love the adventure of it all. If you had told me ten years ago that this would happen, I wouldn't have believed you, but I love it!

Over the past two years, I have felt so joyful and deeply content when I create and when I see and feel people connecting to my songs or my voice. I am continuously being challenged and encouraged to think beyond the confines of what I was taught was possible, to be less timid, to believe that I can actually do this, and to really dare to ask for what I want, to be creative in finding alternative streams of income, and to try new things.

One of these things is storytelling, which I did for the very first time at Zwolle Unlimited two weeks ago! I would like to thank Aafke Bruining, who is an amazing actress and teacher, for coaching me, and Rob Bults, for seeing the potential and giving me an opportunity at the festival. I enjoyed it a lot! Aafke also asked me to take on a small role in a play, where one of the actresses couldn't make one of the performances. So I did, and it was so much fun. At Zwolle Unlimited, I also got to present some shows, which was a great experience. And once again, I have some very cool people to thank for that. You know who you are. Other than that, I am working on a few other things that I may share with you in a while. Here are some pictures of what I did in Zwolle:

My last gig before the summer is next Friday in Café Averechts in Utrecht, and then I am going to use the summer to think, dream, write, and prepare for the new season. At the end of August, I will be playing and giving a talk (about Cherut's work in the Red Light Districts) in Belgium at U-Nite Festival, so check it out and I hope to see you there!

Love to you all!


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