Update September 2016

Photo credit: Guus Helms

After a lovely break in Austria, we returned home and soon afterwards, I was back in the Netherlands doing a few fun gigs! Izaäk Smit and Bas Gankema joined me on guitar and piano, and it was fun to play together once again.

We had a lovely time at Heemskerk FM's Café Acoustique, where we played a live radio set and did an interview as well. If you would like to see and hear what I sounded like that evening, please have a look at the video:

Thank you to everyone at Heemskerk FM and 251TVProducties, and everyone who came out on that beautiful, warm night, for a lovely evening!

Then we played at Dwaze Zaken in Amsterdam, where we ended up playing on the terrace, because the weather was so hot. How cool to be playing smack bang in the middle of the city. Again, we had a good time! Thanks for the warm welcome. The picture at the top of this post was taken there.

Last Saturday, we headed to Almere for a live radio gig and interview at Omroep Almere in Ron Lindeman's MusicMagic program. I was grateful for beautiful weather and smooth travels until an accident happened and I got terribly stuck in traffic. It took 4 hours to get to Almere (instead of 2 from where I live), so I was horribly late. Thankfully, the other band, the Royal Spuds, were really cool about going first and we had a lovely time.

Here is one of my songs we played, "Do It Afraid". Thank you, Ron, for the video and sound recordings! And to everyone who listened: thank you!

If you follow me on social media, you will have seen I am preparing for a TEDx talk at UBI Wiltz in Luxembourg on 15 October. I am very excited and slightly nervous about this unexpected and very cool opportunity to speak about my journey going into the Red Light District in Antwerp and connecting with the ladies there. I will also be working on some new songs.

Have lovely evening!


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