Little Update

After a few weeks of holidays in Thailand, which was a fantastic experience and a good break, we resumed life in the lowlands. I ran off to Utrecht to do a gig and then last weekend I was at the Zwolle Unlimited festival to play a short acoustic set at the Open Podium and to volunteer during the festival.

The weather was perfect, the program was very diverse and of excellent quality, and I think visitors really enjoyed themselves. I enjoyed playing with Izaäk at the open stage, and working with some pretty great people. The late night jam sessions around the fire were so fun! Where else do you hear blues, R&B and Pippi Langkous with a rap in it in one session? :)

The festival took place close to where Rik Elings, a.k.a. De Buitenpianist, lives, so it was very nice to run into each other again. We decided to do another song together, which eventually happened on the last day of the festival in between tasks for me. Izaäk was chatting with Rik, I walked over, then two lovely singers from Zwolle, Irene Aalvink and Lieke Radstaak, walked over, too, and were willing to sing backing vocals for me on Alicia Keys' "If I ain't got you". That was fun!!

So, thank you Zwolle Unlimited people for having me be a part of the crew. Thank you to those who came to listen to my set, and Rik, Izaäk, Irene, Lieke and Cuun for another fun Buitenpianist experience.

This summer I will be focusing on working on new material.


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