Interview with Radio X

One evening, a day after having 2 wisdom teeth pulled (meaning I couldn't smile - thank God that only lasted a few days), we went to a St. Patrick's Day concert close to where we live. We were meeting some friends there and had a great time. During that evening, one of our friends starting talking with the lady sitting right behind him, Noreen Donovan. When he heard that she is a radio DJ with Radio X in Brussels, he mentioned that she and I should talk, because I am a singer-songwriter. After the concert, we talked a little more and I ended up giving her one of my EPs.

I woke up the next morning and found a lovely Facebook message from Noreen, saying she loved my EP and that we should get in touch and do an interview. Wow!

Fast forward a few weeks and I went to see her. We ended up talking a lot more that morning, and I am really grateful for the lovely interview that came out of our time together. Thank you so much, Noreen, for the interview and for your support! I appreciate it so much.

I hope I have tickled your curiosity by now... If you would like to listen to the interview, you can find it here. Just scroll down and click play. :) It is in English.

Have a wonderful day! Love from beautiful Thailand!


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