New Live Acoustic Videos!

In January, I mentioned that I drove into Friesland for the first time in my life, with Izaäk, to go and do a PsychOdelic Birthday Party session in Sing Sing Studios, under the supervision of owner Milan Ciric.

Now the videos are ready to share with you! I am so grateful to Freek Potman for putting me in contact with Milan, and to the guys and girls who filmed and recorded us, and to Milan for making those videos happen! Thank you!

Tadaaaaa: here is "Quest"! It's about that search for meaning and who you were meant to be.

And here is "Do It Afraid"! The title says it all: all worthwhile adventures are a bit scary, but then you just do them afraid and see what happens... I'll keep you posted on how that goes. ;)

I hope you enjoy the songs and the videos!


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