Universe Radio Showcase!

Last Saturday morning, a bunch of Zwollywood (based) dudes and one Belgian girl staying there for a couple of days drove south to Etten-Leur to meet up with Michiel Bouwmeester from Universe Radio to record a live session of some of my songs for their Showcase! progam.

So, there we went, GPS on, trunk full of gear. We ended up in a regular street and the address looked like a regular house, so we wondered if we had got it wrong. But no, we were welcomed into the living room, had coffee, tea and cake for Harmen's (on the left) birthday. And they had a very cool cat, who was checking out all those strangers invading her space. Thank you so much to Michiel and Patricia for your hospitality!

Then we went into the studio and got set up. I loved how we could play facing each other, because I like to vibe off the others and feel like we are doing something together. Michiel was really chilled out and welcoming, and made us feel right at home. The guys did a great job, so it was a fun experience!

After recording the songs, Michiel interviewed me, and we decided rather impromptu that we would do the interview in English. I am Dutch speaking and it would have been fun to do it in Dutch, but many of my friends are not Dutch speakers and most of my Dutch speaking friends do understand English very well. If you would like a translation, send me a message through the Contact page of this website.

If you missed the program and would like to hear it, you can stream it here or download it here.

So, another first for me and I am very grateful for the opportunity! :)

Have a great week and stay warm!


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