... from Zwollywood! As some of you will have seen on social media, I arrived in Zwolle on Tuesday. The plans: catching up and meeting up with old and new (musician) friends, recording a live acoustic video of two new songs (not on the EP but played live), and doing a radio showcase on Saturday before I go back to Belgium on Sunday.

Before going further into that, I would like to give a little update. You might have seen that my gig in Amsterdam has mysteriously disappeared from the calendar. Dwaze Zaken is doing some remodeling, which will be done around the time I would gig there. We are looking for a new date, so hopefully it will reappear in the very near future.

Now, today was fun for many reasons: I went to Friesland for the first time, went to a studio I hadn't been to before, and got to live video record two songs with Milan Ciric from Sing Sing Studio who works with Popschool Leeuwarden to teach media students to create promotional material. How did this Belgian girl end up in Leeuwarden? Well, remember the gig at Cafe Tilt in Utrecht? Freek Potman (check him out as a singer-songwriter: Potman Jr.!) booked and heard me there, and decided to contact Milan. They had done a similar session together before. So thank you so much, Freek! And guys from the session: thanks so much for your work. I look forward to seeing the results and I look forward to receiving bloopers. :) Good luck to you all!

More fun things will happen the rest of the week, so I will keep you updated!

Have a good night, world!


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