Getting Out There

Now that this year is quickly drawing to a close, I am starting to take stock of 2015. For now, I wanted to share with you an overview of some gigs I have done the past few months after the release of my EP. This may sound strange for some, but it was scary for me to go out there and ask people if I could come play. Just getting past that has been a small personal victory. Once I am there, I just LOVE it! I am so grateful to Izaäk Smit, Bas Gankema and René Boer who have played with me, and to the people who invited me to come play. It brings me such joy to sing my songs and tell those stories to people I may just meet once.

Also a massive thank you to those who invited me to come and play, and the people who came to listen!

Graceland Festival

Photo Credit: Pim de Weerd

Graceland Festival had its first edition in August. Last May, I met Richard Aeilkema, one of the organisors, during a songwriting workshop. He said I might be a good fit for Graceland, so after the EP release, I emailed to see if he still thought so. It was great to play for an audience that didn't know me. They were absolutely lovely and I had a great time. And yes, apparently I have a pretty expressive face.

The Buitenpianist 1 year celebration was really fun, too! It was an outdoor event where people just brought a picnic and drinks and enjoyed the amazing Rik Elings, who played with the many singers and musicians he and Cuun had made YouTube videos of every day for one year. I was fortunate enough to have sung with him 3 times this year. Check my video page if you haven't seen those videos yet.

It was a gorgeous summer day, the vibe was so chilled out and fun, and Rik played 6 hours straight! Respect!

Photo Credit: Arnold Hanemaaijer


Photo Credit: Andrea Houtekamer

September was a pretty difficult month for my family and so my whole 'music makes me happy' theory was put to the test. Then the Koffieklap gig came up and I am so glad we did it! Koffieklap, a very cosy coffee shop in Antwerp, is a special place to me, because it is run by Cherut Belgium, the organisation with which I volunteer weekly. It was special to me to share my music with new people, but also with some people who I see every week and who have supported me throughout this musical adventure.

Café Tilt's Singer-Songwriter Avond was simply a great time! The guys from Café Tilt were so welcoming, it was fun to meet the other artists there and I was glad to have some friends in the audience as well. Some other fun things have come from this, so more to follow later! :)

This year was Zwolle's first time participating in Muziek bij de Buren, a living room festival that matches artists with living rooms and then creates a plan so the audience can go listen to different concerts in different living rooms throughout the city.

The concept is so fun, and I was fortunate to be matched to an awesome living room! It was nice to bring my songs in the city where it all began.

It was really nice to connect with other artists and music lovers!

And then last Sunday, Izaäk and I played an acoustic set at the TivoliVredenburg Open Winter Stage in Utrecht. It was lovely to have some loved ones there, and it was fun to talk to some people afterwards. Once again, the crew were so kind, so thank you!

I wish you a wonderful Christmas!


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