First Music Video!

I am excited to present to you my first music video! It is a live acoustic recording of "L'Alternative" from my EP, "I Come to You", which I released in June. As usual, there is a story that goes with it, so I thought I would share it with you.

Last February, I went to Zwolle to write a bit and to catch up with the guys. The night I arrived, I met up with some friends at a local music cafe, where I ran into Rik Elings, a.k.a. De Buitenpianist. Remember this video? We had already made plans to do another song together, which ended up being this video. Then he asked me about the other thing we were going to do, you know, the song Izaäk had sent him... I think my face must have had that elegant "I don't know what you're talking about and I'm really confused right now" look. It was followed by his "Oops, Izaäk didn't say it was a surprise, so I probably should have kept my mouth shut" look. I still didn't know what was going on, though, so I kind of archived it in the back of my mind.

The next day we were in Genesis Productions' rehearsal space and Micha asked to test some mics, for 'another project'. I had to sing "L'Alternative". Then I realized Izaäk hadn't been joking and that we were indeed going to make a music video. And Micha recorded me once again. Rik and Cuun were generous enough to open Cultuurschip Thor, their beautiful home and cultural center, to film the song. Izaäk had also arranged Laurens Van der Geer to film that day, and I am really pleased with the footage!

Afterwards, Laurens, Micha and Izaäk edited and mixed and worked their magic, and this is the result!

Thank you to all who were a part of this for being there, for your willingness to do this, for your support, for sharing your talent with me, and for being a part of yet another milestone in this girl's life! I literally couldn't have done this without you. And Iz, thanks for setting it all up!

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