"I Come to You" Has Been Released!

Two weeks ago, I woke up feeling incredibly grateful and exhilarated after my first ever release concert for my first ever EP, "I Come to You" (availabe here), which also happened to be my first ever show consisting solely of my own songs. That is a bit unusual, I know, but it fits really well with the rest of my journey. Back to the release concert.

I had been hoping to present my music with the people who had recorded it with me, a.k.a. the Dutch crew. These guys are busy people, so as I saw time progressing and we were still trying to find a suitable venue (we tried so hard but it was a struggle), I was getting a little nervous about finding a date that was available for the venue AND the musicians AND Micha, who recorded me in the studio. Then I had also asked my sister, Bieke, and my friends, Dieuwke and Sara, to be my vocalists, so their availabilities were important, too. Moreover, Caroline, the cool Finnish gal who helped me plan the release, was supposed to fly back to Finland on 2 June, so we did have a bit of a deadline.

Then the joyful day came that we booked a venue! Le Bouche à Oreille is a great place in the center of Brussels. I then contacted everyone and hoped they would be available. This is actually fun to tell, because a few people weren't free. I found out late at night, and decided to just go to sleep and let go. I decided that if they were all meant to be there, they would get freed up. The next day, I felt like I had to check in with one of them, and he said he had just been freed up. I smiled like a fool. Seriously. Then the other one ended up being free, too. Sara and Dieuwke even took a day off work to be there. It just all fell into place. Thankfully, Caroline could stay longer, too. Oh, and Micha. He was going to have an important exam the week of the release. Then it turned out that he and only one other guy from his class had their exam the day before the release, and all the rest on 3 June. Another 'smiling like a fool' moment. I am so thankful that all of them were willing to support me there!

Then 3 June arrived... I was really excited! Although Wednesday is supposed to be an ok traffic day, all the guys got stuck in traffic, and one of them had their car break down. That meant two musicians stuck at the Dutch border. One of the organizers then drove to the border, picked them up and brought them to Brussels. Thank you so much, Steve!! That shortened our time to set up and soundcheck, but after my initial stress, just some butterflies in my stomach remained. It was surreal to walk on that stage to present my EP. I am so grateful so many people showed up! The atmosphere was one of excitement and joy, and I really fed off of that!! As the show progressed, I became more relaxed and I just had the time of my life! I loved every minute of it!! I also presented two new songs, called "Quest" and "Do It Afraid", that I finished just two weeks before. The video at the beginning of this blogpost is "Do It Afraid" made by a friend in the audience on her iPhone.

Photo credit: Rube Parthoens. From left to right: Bas Gankema (piano), Harmen Heutink (electric guitar), Izaäk Smit (producer and guitar), moi, Christopher Verweij (drums), Daniel van der Molen (bass), Bieke Van Gulck (vocals), Sara De Vos (vocals), Dieuwke de Mooij (vocals).

Here are some reactions after the concert:

"Stunning voice, impressive range, catchy tunes, lyrics with depth. Let there be light!"

"One of the most beautiful things in life is seeing someone completely caught up in their passion and music, and expressing it completely unashamed. I felt that tonight with Elisabeth Daniel. Amazing."

These reactions can be found on Instagram under hashtag #elisabethdaniel.

The feedback has been really encouraging, and it was so much fun to meet and talk with the people who came to the concert after the show. Thank you to all who have been so supportive in this period!! Thank you to all who have ordered EPs, downloaded the music etc. I look forward to many more concerts (working on that!), more songs and more adventures! If you would like to help me with that, please feel free to share my social media posts, videos, music etc. to rate and review my music on iTunes. All these things really do make a difference!

THANK YOU! And have a great weekend!


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