As you see, the layout of the blog has changed a little, now that the EP is ready and we are preparing to release it soon! When we have the release date, I will make sure to let you know!

On 2 January, when my 2-week-old food baby was still digesting after the holidays, Timon Both (happy birthday, man!!) was here from Holland to shoot some pictures for the EP artwork. We had spoken a few times on Skype and decided to work together. He listened to my music and then came up with some creative ideas. I think he did a great job capturing the atmosphere I was hoping to express in the pictures and the artwork of my musical introduction to the world. Over the next weeks, I’ll be sharing more pictures and obviously, you will see the finished artwork once the EP is out! It was a fun process to go from an atmosphere and idea to a finished product and I am grateful for the experience!

Photo credit: Timon Both

Then a good friend, Mark, offered to take some more pictures. He suggested we go to Doel to do so. We were so incredibly blessed to have the perfect conditions for it: sunny, not too cold and not too crowded. Mark made some really beautiful pictures, which I will also be sharing with you. Thanks so much, Mark!

After a year with many new experiences and the excitement and stress that come with that, I took some time to rest, but also to start writing down some more ideas for songs. I went to the Netherlands a few times to write, but was surprised to find myself doing some other fun things while I was there. Check my video page for the songs I sang with Rik Elings, a.k.a. De Buitenpianist. More on what I did in Zwolle will follow when the EP is out.

It was also a time of getting some questions answered regarding the legal, financial and other aspects of this adventure. This experience has many moving parts and no guarantees, so while I do not have all the answers, I know so much more than I did a few months ago.

Now the time has come to prepare the release of the EP. I had been hoping and praying that someone would come along to help me out, and once again, the right person came at the right time. Caroline, a very cool Finnish gal, is now working with me to prepare the release of my EP, and I am very happy she is here in Belgium for this specific period.

So, stay tuned and check out my Facebook page and Instagram for more pictures!


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