"De Buitenpianist"

One day, a man finds a baby grand piano on the dock next to the boat he lives on and manages a cultural center in with his wife... He decides to leave the piano there, but to play it every day until it can be played no more. That's the very cool thing Rik Elings has been doing since August 2014. Cuun van der Eerden films the daily encounter between Rik and the piano and then posts it on the De Buitenpianist YouTube channel. He often invites others to come sing and/or play with him.

One day, a Belgian girl wakes up after a fun night out in Zwolle and has been told by her producer friend Izaäk to meet him at that boat at 11am on a Saturday morning. So, after a quick warm-up in the car on the way there with some funny stares at traffic lights, I show up to meet them.

Izaäk had asked me to prepare two songs, but the ones I'd thought of didn't match the weather at all. It was very rainy and windy outside, so we decided on a stormy version of "My Favorite Things" by Rodgers and Hammerstein, made famous by Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music". Rik and I played it through a few times, found our vibe and got some improv going. Armed with my umbrella and my iPhone (have you noticed it's a wordy song... #ofcourseihadntpreparedthatsongwithallthoselyrics) we went outside and had fun with it.

So, thank you Izaäk for setting that up. Thank you Rik and Cuun for having me. And please feel free to have me back anytime. :)

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