First Radio Interview About My Music

Photo Credit: Timon Both

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I wish you an incredible 2015 with many great new memories, new experiences, a lot of love, joy and laughter surrounding you!

After a fun, challenging but also really wonderful 2014, the new year started off with a big surprise on 2 January! While I was in the woods having pictures taken for the EP, my friend Catherine Callens called and left me some messages. Now, she works for Radio 2 Vlaams-Brabant, a regional branch of a national radio station in Belgium. She asked me if I could come by the studio in Leuven to be interviewed about my upcoming EP for an item in their program "Avondpost" (Evening Post). Oh, and if I could send a song to play on the radio. My jaw dropped, I felt butterflies in my stomach and I said 'yes'. So, the photographer and I left the woods and drove to Leuven.

Catherine put me at ease, had me stand in front of a microphone and she started the interview. It went smoothly and having Timon, the photographer, there was nice, because now we have the above picture to cherish the memory. Catherine told me when I would be on later that afternoon. Off we went again for more pictures.

Later that day, Timon and I were on the metro in Brussels on our way home when we saw the interview was going to be broadcast any minute. After finding the right link to stream on my phone, finding my earplugs and jumping on the train, Timon and both listened to the interview and my song, "Dance". Man, I know it was a one-off, but I was giddy. Like giggling and smiling and feeling nervous. We high-fived and hugged. Here is the selfie we took while listening:


THANK YOU Catherine and the Radio 2 Vlaams-Brabant team for giving me a really nice New Year's gift!

If you haven't heard the interview (in Dutch) and the song (in English), you can click here to listen.

The song starts around 4:08. Enjoy!

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