Frequently Asked Questions Part 1

In the last few months, most of my friends have seen music become a more significant theme in my life. At least, it always was, but I didn't really talk about it that much. Then I was crazy enough to run off to Holland to record an EP (I love you, Dutchies!) and then there's a website with my face and an artist name on it. People have been asking me what I'm up to these days, so I thought I would dedicate a blog post to answering some of the recurring questions of this moment.

1. Where does your artist name come from?

Actually, Elisabeth is my first name and Daniel is my middle name. In Belgium, most people have godparents whose names are sometimes added to the given name. Daniel is my godfather's name and my middle name. I wanted to still be 'me', and not pick some random, cool-sounding name. On top of that, I wanted it to be easy to pronounce and spell for non-Dutch speakers. Double whammy, I would say. Thank you Mom and Dad. :)

2. Have recordings finished?

Yes, we did all the recordings in April-May.

3. So what are you up to now?

After a little break for me and Izaäk finishing the graduation aspect of the project, we are now meeting up regularly to go through the recordings, select takes and make edits. I'm learning a lot in the process about listening in more detail, and about those minute details sometimes making a significant difference in the feel of the song. It is a time consuming aspect of making this EP, but it gives us a chance to listen to the music and start thinking about the mixing and mastering plan. Mixing and mastering will take place in September.

I also need to look into how to get this EP out from a practical, marketing, legal and financial viewpoint. This means looking for some useful points of contact and organizing a few meetings.

After a two month break, I resumed my volunteer work one day per week, so when I am in Belgium, my Tuesdays are spent in Antwerp with Cherut Belgium.

What I am doing now is mostly behind the scenes, and I am once again learning a whole bunch, not in the least about myself.

4. What is the style of music on your EP?

Based on feedback from people who have heard some of the songs, I would say it is rock (from loud to quiet) with a pop and Celtic twist here and there. Other people said that some of the songs sound like a soundtrack because of the story-telling aspect. We'll see what people say once this thing gets out.

That's all for now, folks! I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a great day!


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