Long Time No See!

Wow, it really has been too long! So, now that the first blog hiatus is behind me, it is time to start writing again. After some more recording in the Netherlands and a restful holiday, I am now picking up my life in Belgium again. It has been nice to catch up with family and friends after being in and out quite a bit.

Let's pick up where I left off. My last post was in the middle of recording week, when Harmen (electric guitar) and Bas (piano) were in the studio. They worked hard and it is difficult to express how weird and satisfying it is to hear these guys record my songs. There were some special moments, and the guys were a pleasure to work with! I love how every musician came with their own flavor and sound, and added something special.

After Harmen and Bas had finished, Izaäk, Micha and I stayed in the studio to have a late night vocal recording session. Micha's lovely girlfriend visiting and cheering us on was really nice, because she brought extra energy and enthusiasm to the room after a full recording day! It was my first vocal recording for the EP and I chose to record a song that was demanding, so I would have that done. Although the sniffles hadn't gone away and I had been drinking water and tea in irresponsible doses just to make it through the day, I managed to get it done. Phew and major yay! And yes, Mom, I know that drinking too much water in one day can be dangerous.

The next day, we had Dries Langdorp, Willemijn Petri and Ardie van der Knijff come in to play the violin, viola and cello. I played the violin here and there, too. That was a big step having just picked up playing again. Izaäk and I both made some arrangements for strings, so once more it was fun to hear them being such a good addition to the rest of the instruments.

In five days, drums, bass, piano, electric guitar, strings and some vocals and some acoustic guitar were recorded. You could say that everyone worked really hard!

That's it for now, but I'll be back soon!

Have a great weekend!

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