3 Days Done!

How time flies... Since my last post, drums and bass for all the songs on the EP have been recorded, and electric guitar and piano have been recorded for three songs. I have felt exhilaration and stress and a whole range of emotions in between, but man, I LOVE this! And I am learning so much...

Christopher Verweij, the drummer, and Daniel van der Molen, the bass player, are amazing musicians and a great team! On Monday and Tuesday, they played the framework of the songs to which the other instruments and vocals have been or will be added. They are a walking comedy show. Seriously... Thanks guys for being gracious with us and thank you for the music! ;)

Today, Harmen Heutink, the electric guitar player, and Bas Gankema, the pianist, were up. We had a great time together and I am very pleased with the results. Tomorrow, they will add their magic to three more songs. Izaäk, Micha and I will put in a long day finishing some details here and there and recording some vocals. All the while, Micha sets up the mics and spends a whole lot of time behind the computer recording the different takes. Izaäk has become very close with his headphones, notepad and pencil, jotting down remarks and details while different takes are being recorded.

I am excited and nervous to start the process of recording vocals. The sniffles have been a bit of a pain, but I am drinking tons of water and tea with honey. It will be fine.

Thanks for checking in and goodnight!!


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