Recording Next Week

The time has come to head into to the studio and record the EP! I am so excited I could burst... That and I'm really nervous because there is so much to think about and so much to be finalized and studio recording is so terribly unforgiving... Most of all though, I feel this intense joy and gratefulness that after years of thinking this would probably never happen, it is actually happening and I get to record songs that went from little themes or ideas to actual songs.

From next Monday till Saturday, some fantastic musicians, Izaäk and myself will head into the studio to lay down tracks for my EP. Micha will be the guy who works his magic with the microphones capturing the right sound. Next week we'll record six songs, and one more will be recorded two weeks later at a friend of a friend's house, just because he has an upright piano that we think has the right sound for that particular cute, little song.

Final preparations, ok, but what does that mean? Well, 2 days ago we worked on string arrangements, yesterday we had rehearsal with the strings, and I drove back to Belgium. Today, I picked up the car a very generous couple agreed to lend to me, and drove 2,5 hours from Brussels to Zwolle, where I had lunch at Izaäk's. Then I dropped all my stuff at my lovely host's house. After that, we went grocery shopping, because coffee, tea, water and other drinks, lunch, snacks and dinner don't just magically appear in the studio. Then we went back to Izaäk's and discussed some more ideas. I was still finishing the final verse for a song, so I did. Thank God for inspiration today! Then we had dinner and did some catching up, after which I worked on my blog, Izaäk went over some recordings of the rehearsals, and we discussed things like whether to add a measure here or there or just leave it. He is now working on sending notes and comments for every song to the musicians. Very very glamorous really. But I love this. We still have a lot of work to do tomorrow, but I am trusting that all will work out well.

In the course of next week, I'm going to try to update this blog from the studio to share how things are going. And now, on to more work in preparation. Some things could and should have been done sooner, but hey, we're learning.


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