Welcome to my blog!

Hi all and welcome to my brand new blog!

A while ago, I decided to pursue my dream of making music. I write songs and I sing. When I was googling around trying to find blogs on how people make EPs and CDs and get started and so on, I couldn't really find any blogs that journaled the process. Even though there is no cookie cutter way of going about this, I hope my story will be a fun one for you to read. There are absolutely no guarantees on this adventure, but even if I don't succeed, the lessons learnt through this will make me richer.

Seven months ago, my good friend Dieuwke (check out her website!) saw a Facebook comment, thought of me, and connected me with an acquaintance of hers. That is how I met Izaäk, a student of music production and composition in the Netherlands. We got to know each other (thank you Skype!), became friends and decided that he would produce my debut EP as his graduation project. I have been crossing the Belgian-Dutch border regularly, as we are getting the songs arranged and ready to be recorded at the end of April. After that, there is mixing, mastering, getting it ready to be released etc. When all that is done, I will obviously share it and add more content to my site. For now, I will blog regularly!

Enjoy this beautiful spring day and see you soon!


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