Elisabeth Daniel is a walking contradiction: slightly crazy but disciplined, a down-to-earth dreamer, rational with child-like wonder, a realistic optimist. She totally laughs at her own jokes, tends to end up in unexpected places and has a special relationship with white rice, chai, coffee and red wine. It all makes sense in her own head.


“If Robert Plant and Kate Bush had a love child, it would sound like Elisabeth Daniel.” Add in some Alanis and Florence here and there. She has a flexible, clear voice with a big range that loves to play with melodies and harmonize with other voices, sometimes betraying a slight hint of her classical background. Her songs are melodious and speak of pursuit, hope and joy.


Elisabeth Daniel is a dream chaser through singing, writing songs and playing. She is passionate about fighting for freedom, especially in the area of forced prostitution and human trafficking. With her voice, passion and songs, she wants to make people feel and inspire them to dream again.